Hi. This is David. I've been doing most of the grunt-work behind getting the Frogpage up and running. Frog says he could get the entire thing done by himself, except that the keys on the keyboard are much too small for his flippers.

The pictures on Frogpage actually look a whole lot like Frog, not that you'd know it from the original pictures from my Polaroid camera and cheap handscanner. Below are <Before> and <After> pictures from the picture on the main page. It took a lot of time with Photoship to get them looking just right.

Appearently, Frog (also know as "The Frog") never looked at himself in a mirror before and was quite taken back by his picture. He had no idea how hansome he was!

I also run Links.cc which most of the links on Frogpage came from. He sort of "borrowed" the data, but he said he'll give back when he's done with it.



We've since posted a story the frogs wrote and drew for Frog's Fourth Birthday.

That said and done, you might as well go back to the FrogPage and scroll down a bit and check out some of the links. For now, they go to sites with come cool Emulation stuff, and to Home Video Game Cheat Codes. In the future, we'll have a lot more up here, so bookmark the site and come back. If you have a website that we should list, or want to link to FrogPage, drop us some email and we'll get back to as soon as we can.

Thanks for stopping by. You'll come back now, ya hear!